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Time Insurance Company was conceived in 1892 as LaCrosse Mutual Aid Association and was head quartered in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. In 1910 LaCrosse Mutual Aid Association was incorporated and the name changed to Time Insurance Company. Time Insurance company was relocated to Milwaukee, WI. where their current owner Assurant Health still resides today.

Time Insurance Company is a leader in the individual health insurance market as well as being a top provider of temporary / short term medical insurance in the U.S. market and has a reputation of honoring its contractual commitments while providing its customers strength and stability.

Time Insurance company was also a leader in the introduction of the Health Savings Account formerly the Medical Saving Account and they continue to be a top seller of the HSA in the market place as a family, individual, and self employed health insurance option or as a group health insurance option.

Also Time insurance Company is one of the few health insurance companies that will offer a policy for your child only, children only and of coarse you may need medical coverage for your dependents only.

Time insurance Company has a distribution network of more than 200,000 local agents distributing their quality products in the states licensed.

Time Insurance Company and its sister companies Union Security Insurance Company and John Alden Life insurance Company are proud to provide health insurance for near one million persons nationwide.

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