Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance plans can vary greatly in cost based on age, health conditions and life style.

Get free individual health insurance quotes in all 50 states. Make a more informed decision after utilizing the online resources provided. Determine which type of individual health insurance plan is right for you, then compare quotes and coverages.

Weather your self employed, a student, a family, a child or dependent, going on medicare or on COBRA or work for an employer not providing health insurance benefits, Health Insurance Quotes has an affordable solution to save you money!

With a minimal inquiry on your part, we help make it possible to find affordable plans that you can buy online or with the help of a qualified agent / broker. Here you can request many quotes from top rated companies, simply by filling in the short interview form that appears after you enter your zip code in the zip code box above.

We offer an array of health insurance plans for individuals and families. Have you recently lost your job and are looking for temporary health insurance that's less expensive than COBRA insurance? Or, are you or a family member looking to get family health insurance for the entire family? You can never foresee a sudden illness or injury, but some medical related needs can be anticipated. Maternity coverage, is an obvious must-have if you're young and considering starting a family, and not all policies pre Obama Care offer it. If you have a family history of cardiac issues, you may decide to make sure your coverage includes the cost of cardiac tests and cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Our quality carriers offer the broadest plan designs available to meet your individual health insurance needs at the lowest possible cost... with co-pay plans, high deductible health plans, major medical policies and the ever popular hsa, Health Savings Account Insurance Plan!
For a "fast - friendly - free" quote to save you money, just click where indicated or call the number shown at the top of this page for assistance from a quality helpful agent or broker licensed in your state today! You'll want to make certain that the plan's prescription coverage, or list of covered medications, includes those you take monthly, especially if they are very expensive to pay for.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Thanks to Affordable Care Act, annual dollar limits on coverage will disappear entirely in 2014. Any individual policy you purchase should not impose a limit of less than $1.25 million, and that amount will rise to $2 million on September 23, 2012. But health reform still allows plans to impose limits on services not deemed "essential" and, in most cases, to obtain a waiver allowing them to keep there annual limit.

Health Insurance for Individuals

Our individual quotes are available through out all 50 States.